Vr Baseball/Softball Training

Introducing WIN Reality, the Most Advanced Baseball & Softball Training VR Platform. Welcome to the world of virtual reality training!

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Train like the Pros:


Players who train on WIN Reality VR Platform acquire skills seven times faster than those using traditional training methods


Increase in winning percentage for teams by 23%

Pitch Recognition:

Train to better identify where your barrel needs to cross the zone to make meaningful contact.

VR Hitting:

Put your vision and plate discipline to the test against our library of VR pitchers in our Virtual Stadiums.


Work on your timing at the plate, and how your swing changes based on different pitches.

See 100 Pitches of Fastballs, Sliders, Curveballs and Change-Ups at Game Speed in 15 Minutes:

Choose from our library of hundreds of pitchers so you're ready to hit against any kind of competition.

Release Point Training:

Learn to immediately pick up the earliest parts of ball flight.


Get personalized feedback for each of your players through WIN Reality's automated reports.


WIN Reality athletes will receive valuable metrics on their barrel speed, hand speed, potential exit velocity, and potential hit distance.

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